Are You Unsure How To Correctly Treat Neck Pain?

Neck Pain is a very common condition affecting people who have an active life.
Many people are confused or even frustrated about how to solve the problem.
They are often given the wrong impression that their only options are painkillers, repetitive treatments, or even surgery.
At The Pain Relief Clinic, we understand that patients want a safe, fast-acting, effective, and long-lasting solution that is also affordable.
We help properly make sense of your condition before providing you with a practical solution.

3 Keys To Solving Neck Pain

Using Medical Technology. While Dr Tan has well over a decade of experience helping patients with neck pain, he understands that the key to success is using non-invasive medical technology based on medical advancements.
Focus. To ensure that our patients with neck pain  get  the attention and results they want, we do not treat general medical conditions such as diabetes and cough. We also do not perform spine surgery. This allows us to focus our efforts and your consultation time on finding the most appropriate non-invasive medical solutions available for neck pain.
Accurate Diagnosis. Without an accurate diagnosis, it is difficult to be sure you are getting the most suitable treatment. It is possible for mild cases of neck pain to be managed by an experienced doctor who can provide treatment based on your clinical history and physical examination.
However if your initial treatments have not been effective, an X-ray or an MRI are recommended to confirm your diagnosis. If you have already done a scan but have not been given a clear explanation of your condition, we are can help.

Pulse Wave Therapy

Radio Frequency Therapy